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Profile: The Proven Company:  Being one of the oldest banner tow companies in the United States, Barnstormer Flite Signs, Inc. has a firm commitment to our clients and proven results which have given Barnstormer Flite Signs the Highest Rating for this business and the edge in all markets.

Barnstormer Flite Signs is a family-owned and operated business.  We have a good working relationship with our clients, located in all major markets and there is no job to large or to small

The Audience:  Whether your target audience is at play on the beach, enjoying a theme park or watching a professional football game the sky is a bright and perfect backdrop for your message.  Aerial Advertising is the most effective way to reach your audience and in the most cost effective manner.

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Studies done by various municipalities indicate that aerial advertising can now be bought with a tremendous degree of certainty and have a verified audience.  A market study done to verify the impact of aerial advertising found that 80% - 90% of people who saw a banner in the past 30 minutes did two things:

    1. Recalled the banner
    2. Recalled the message

Barnstormer Flite Signs, Inc.


The Flying Billboard:  The newest changes to the age-old billboard are the 40x60 and larger flying billboard.  These are made from a space age material, which is lighter and more durable than most fabrics used in Aerial Advertising.  Your logo or message can be produced on the space age fabric used in Aerial Advertising.

At Barnstormer Flite Signs, we can duplicate your logo or any other design for advertising at a beach or any other venue, including, but not limited to, major outdoor events such as baseball games, football games, soccer games or car races—in the United States or Puerto Rico.

The Aerial Banner:  The tried and true of all banner advertising is the aerial banner.  Aerial Banners are put together by Barnstormer Flite Signs staff and stored for re-use to reduce your advertising costs.

Did you ever try not to read a banner aerial advertisement?  It is virtually impossible to resist the temptation to read an aerial ad.  Whether the novelty of a plane pulling your logo or message or sheer interest –the message is read.  It has no other competition to attract your attention.  Not only is the message read but also it is retained.

The aerial banner leader, Barnstormer Flite Signs, tows a variety of signs, custom manufactured banners as well as one-time flights for families, such as “Will You Marry Me?”  “Happy Birthday” etc… If you can say it we can fly it.

High Visibility: In July 1984, Fuji embarked on an aerial advertising campaign to cover the Olympic games.  During a two-month period surrounding the events, Fuji’s California market share rose from 7% to 22%.

Mobility:  The mobility of aerial advertising makes it suitable for a national or regional campaign.  An entire operation can be moved to a new town every day or based in one area for an extended period of time.

Flexibility on Demand:  Whether you sell cellular phones or are in the entertainment business, your message will create an immediate impact.
Barnstormer Flite Signs, Inc. can target your market any time of day and any day of week. 

The cost of Aerial Advertising is less per view than any other advertising medium.

 Aerial Advertising allows  the advertiser the ability to reach thousands of prospects in one flight for minimum cost per view.  The only type of outdoor advertising that can deliver thousands and thousands of views for the lowest cost. 

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Barnstormer’s guarantee:  Bad weather?  We don’t fly so there is no charge.


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